Matthew Bourne

Bourne Synthesizer Show

bon #2

The title of this project is a homage to the pioneering work of Annette Peacock and Paul Bley (as The Bley/Peacock Synthesizer Show). The Bourne Synthesizer Show, as its name suggests, is a solo show using only vintage analogue synthesizers – including the legendary Memorymoog analogue synthesizer (as modified by Rudi Linhard’s LAMM modification), with other selected Moog and Korg analogue keyboards. Following on in a similar vein from the stillness of Montauk Variations, the synthesizer show is an attempt to engage with voltage-controlled circuitry and to let the sounds speak for themselves, as far as possible. Expect a sonic journey through voltage-controlled circuitry, warm, full bass textures, mesmeric repetition,  and the pulsating frequencies that only voltage-controlled oscillators can produce (and perhaps, even a gentle nod towards the 80s soundtracks of John Carpenter films…).