Matthew Bourne





Combining the energy, volume and innovation of Bilbao Syndrome, Trio VD and Bourne/Davis/Kane, COLLIDER is a completely improvised bludgeon to the ears – with guitar Lothario, Chris Sharkey; weapon bassist Dave Kane and Chris ‘Chris’ Bussey performing on the drumset.

The Nantbach & Sandwich EP and the single track Alice are available as FREE DOWNLOADS in exchange for your email address…… [more]

Dan Berridge


Bourne has been collaborating with Dan Berridge (aka Broadway Project) since 2005’s In Finite album. Bourne’s role as a co-composer is evident in the scores for Richard Penfold’s Indians, Rene Daalder’s Here is Always Somewhere Else and Fredrik Edfeldt’s Flickan (The Girl).… [more]

The Fluid Piano


Bourne was lucky enough to have been one of the first pianists to have watched Geoff Smith’s Fluid Piano™ develop from a one-note prototype to the magnificent instrument that it is today, taking part in the world premier unveiling of the instrument along with Nikki Yeoh and Pam Chowhan in 2009. Built by Chris Barlow, the Fluid Piano™ incorporates Smith’s patented Fluid Tuning Mechanism on each note. Visit Geoff’s YouTube channel to see performances by many other pianists playing this wonderful, ground-breaking instrument.



Bourne Davis Kane, 2012

Meeting for the first time in 2002, Bourne, drummer Steve Davis and bassist Dave Kane played a completely improvised set at the Belfast Jazz Festival which became legendary. They followed this auspicious performance with a commission from the Bath Jazz festival – Whatever Happened to Jack Jones and the Early Recordings of Johnny Mathis, and have played regularly on the European festival/gig circuit.

Their immediate musical rapport is extended to the audience, making their performances very special experiences.  The trio never rehearse and both of their released recordings, Lost Something and The Money Notes are comprised of first takes. … [more]

Franck Vigroux


A shared love of vintage analogue equipment, ear-splitting frequencies and the music of Scott Walker brought Franck Vigroux and Matthew Bourne together during the autumn of 2007. Their music explores a grain of sound that is found only within analogue synthesizers and other such musical instruments, and it is their enthusiasm for this aesthetic that feeds call me madame (good news from wonderland), their debut album on Vigroux’s d’Autres Cordes record label. They continue to perform internationally. Bourne provided much of the raw material and participated in Vigroux’s work Broken Circles (2010), featuring, Marc Ducret, Géraldine Keller and … [more]

Bilbao Syndrome

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Bourne writes the lion’s share of the riffs in this fierce, tightly structured and insane group. Think Scott Walker + Meshuggah. Clad in white, skin-tight outfits, mirrored aviator sunglasses and powerfully lit with only UV lights; this show is not for the faint-hearted. The long-awaited album Bilbao Syndrome I-VI is now available on vinyl (with CD copy enclosed) from The Babel Label.… [more]